Back in early April of this year, my girlfriend, best friend (Danielle) and I took a trip to Portland, just cause. I had been wanting to visit that state ever since my very good friend, Ryan, left LA and moved there. Throughout the years, Ryan had teased me with gorgeous photos and long amazing, descriptive... Continue Reading →

Rain Zombies

Only in southern California (San Diego to be exact) will one overhear a conversation like this: "Hey dude, did you have  nice weekend?" -Male hairdresser asked male client. Male Client- "Nah, doode. It rained. I mean, I know we're like in a drought and need that shit, but it totally ruined my surfing. I just... Continue Reading →

Taaa daaaa! Procrastination at its finest! I have kept everyone with bated breath for the past 4 years since my last post, upon this blog. The wait is now over. Here are the amazing words of wisdom I have conjured up after many moons of a break, "Drought!" More on this to come.... In my... Continue Reading →

Since I’ve gotten home from visiting my family in Georgia I decided to make some ground rules to try not to burn myself out on life. Before I left for Georgia I was the epitome of an, Elated Sob Story. And for those who are new to getting to know me; that was a shameless... Continue Reading →

This trip back home has been the most life changing experience. Don't get me wrong. I have had to go back home for some pretty earth shaking events but this one takes the cake and the best part is that it was completely enriching. I have never been a huge fan of kids even though... Continue Reading →

She prefers the womb

Today was the first time since December that my sister and her husband had gone in for a sonogram. They allowed me to be in the room to get a first hand glimpse of this stubborn lil-bit. I swear I was about to cry as her chubby lil cheeks became visible on the monitor. She's... Continue Reading →

Get out of that stomach!

“Hey Mom, I won’t be coming home tonight. I want to spend as much time as I can before I no longer have her undivided attention.” I had no idea just how much of a baby I was until I came home for this visit and was faced with the reality that my place is... Continue Reading →

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