Back in early April of this year, my girlfriend, best friend (Danielle) and I took a trip to Portland, just cause. I had been wanting to visit that state ever since my very good friend, Ryan, left LA and moved there. Throughout the years, Ryan had teased me with gorgeous photos and long amazing, descriptive... Continue Reading →

Rain Zombies

Only in southern California (San Diego to be exact) will one overhear a conversation like this: "Hey dude, did you have  nice weekend?" -Male hairdresser asked male client. Male Client- "Nah, doode. It rained. I mean, I know we're like in a drought and need that shit, but it totally ruined my surfing. I just... Continue Reading →

Since I’ve gotten home from visiting my family in Georgia I decided to make some ground rules to try not to burn myself out on life. Before I left for Georgia I was the epitome of an, Elated Sob Story. And for those who are new to getting to know me; that was a shameless... Continue Reading →

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