Spring discoveries on a Sunday afternoon stroll in PDX…

Sundays are my “rest days” from my workout program. They suggest doing some yoga or going to get a massage to help recoup any fatigue muscles that might’ve strained throughout the week. The last two weeks, I opted to go on an afternoon stroll through my neighborhood and the ones surrounding it.

This weekend was gorgeous in PDX! We had nothing but blue skies and an average of 67 degree weather. Once we got done with our 4 hour meal prep, I asked Christine if she’d like to go on a stroll, and she said, “hell yeah!”

Some funny encounters happened along the way. The first one was when a small cat came barreling up to us meowing its cute little head off. It’s as if this kitty was a friend of ours that was expecting us to stop by and wanted to tell us all about the happenings on its block. I’m bummed I didn’t get a photo of this chattering kitty, but it sure did brighten up the evening.

The other amazing encounter was when we happen to be walking by this small park that had a two swings on a small swing set. There were three girls around the age of seven or eight. One of them was just standing off to the side as the other two were swinging. One of them got the swing up pretty high and decided to jump. However, she somehow screwed that plan up and landed right on her face into the wood chips. Our immediate reaction was “OUCH” and to see if she was okay. Yet, something else really cool happened before either of us adults could react.

The little girl that was on the other swing immediately asked, “Are you alright?” The other friend that was standing off to the side quickly jumped into a stance that made her appear like she was going to scoop up her downed friend, if she gave the signal. The best part was what the face-planted little girl casually said to her friends, “I meant to do that…”

And it was over as soon as it started. They went back to swinging and chatting as if nothing happened. ALL of their reactions made my heart swell with pride. Not one of them said something shitty, AFTER laughing hysterically at the face-planted girl the way me or my sister would have treated one another if that happened to us back in the day… or even today. Each one of her friends were concerned for her well being and let it go, knowing FULL WELL their friend’s pride was bruised more than her face. Pure awesomeness.

What we also discovered along the walk were all the amazing wild, native flowers that are blooming and my personal favorites, the dogwood trees. There’s such a rejuvenating feeling that spring brings. I also can’t help but feel that with my recent dietary and activity changes, things just seem brighter and more enriched.

Have a look at some of PDX’s natural beauty we saw along the way.

Happy spring!


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