Sunday meal prep… done!

In the past, I didn’t meal prep. I felt it was a waste of time, and I just made my meals each night. However, the 90 day program I’m on has me working out Monday through Saturday. Grant it, I’m only working out any where from 15-45 minutes. Also, I’m VERY fortunate to get to work from home two days out of the week. And being really honest, it wasn’t so much as the act of “having to be in the kitchen” that bothered me.

The main reason I never meal prepped was due to the lack of variety. I am NOT one of those individuals that can have the same style of chicken with rice and green beans every day for lunch throughout the week. *Gag* I NEED and crave variety! So, last week I spent almost every night making a different meal to try out some different options and get some ideas before going into the next week.

Let’s have a look at some of the many meals I made….

Some of you may know just how deep my love for pizza runs, and not being able to have it at least three times a week is torture (yes, that’s an accurate calculation of my “former self”). So, I was able to find a marinara sauce that has no more than five, simple, easy to pronounce ingredients on the label. Now, I know that’s not “keeping it clean” because I used the sauce from a jar and mozzarella cheese. Like I said in my last post, I’m on a “mostly” clean diet.

So, as you can see above, I made some portobello mushroom pizzas that ACTUALLY curbed my craving. A couple days later I intended to make a clean eggplant Parmesan, but it turned out more like eggplant pizzas… which was fine with us! I also made some chicken stir-fry with rice. Christine made her “famous” egg bake, and I pan fried some turkey bacon.  All in all, lots of variety and very tasty meals were made. However, by the time Saturday rolled around, I WAS tired of being in the kitchen, even for the small amounts of time each meal took. So, today I made sure that I took a chunk of time (approximately 4 hours) to meal prep for the week.

Let’s have a look at what we did, shall we?!


So, as you can clearly see, the potatoes aren’t cooked. I didn’t want to OVER do it. I don’t mind spending a tiny bit of time in the kitchen if/when I decide to have either of those styles of potatoes.

What we have here are five grilled chicken legs, three grilled chicken breasts, jubilee rice and steamed green beans. The chicken breasts were prepared using one of my new favorite recipes I found on Pinterest. I’ve found so many amazing clean eating meals and tips that I created a clean eating board. Feel free to have a gander and follow. I’m constantly updating it.

If you look in the back, you’ll see some freshly baked Keto bread made by my amazing wife. Since I don’t like artificial sweeteners, we opted not to add in the recommended Stevia. Yet, the next time we definitely will add some organic honey to it because it really could use a little sweetness. Overall, it’s yummy!

Also, you’ll spot some Trader Joe’s plantain chips that’s allowed within my 90 day meal plan, and they’re GREAT for curbing my chip craving. However, I really try to curb that craving by grabbing some celery and carrots and dip them in some hummus. MUCH better for you!

Now, I know you might look at this and think… aren’t going to be having the SAME meal each day next week? Nope, I won’t. I cut up the salad to be able to take some of that chicken I made, add it in if I decide I want chicken salad instead. Don’t forget the potatoes I can make to break up the chicken and rice cycle. In our fridge, we also have more portobello mushrooms, eggs and turkey bacon and broccoli in order to NOT let things get too boring.

The possibilities are endless, and I’m at least set for the majority of next week. I’m sure my meal prepping would drive some people out there insane, but I have the attention span of a gnat and my taste buds suffer from ADD as well. Also, I LOVE to go grocery shopping, and it shows! Most women have a shoe shopping problem, mine is FOOD!


I hope that all of you have a lovely rest of your Sunday and an awesome upcoming week!


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  1. Thanks for the great meal prep ideas. Such an encouragement to keep me going on eating healthy. I just made Cajun shrimp, cauliflower grits, and sautéed swiss chard.

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