No better time than now…

There’s so much to catch up on. Let me give the condensed version…

  • Got married (there was a ceremony in 2015 in NY and it was only for my 93 y/o grandma that might not make it to our “actual” ceremony in 2017… or 2018)
  • Moved to Portland
  • Enjoyed being a housewife for the two months I had it in my grip
  • Got a job in a field that actually makes me feel good when I lay my head upon my pillow at night
  • Gained 8 lbs in the first three months of living in PDX from overindulging in all the great eats
  • Went on a crazy 1200 calorie diet and lost said 8lbs in 9 days
  • Got out into nature and saw LOTS of waterfalls …. I’m talking lots
  • Learned that PDX is not nearly as cheap as it seemed
  • Almost had our home broken into 3 separate times in the first home we rented
  • Moved out of said “up and coming neighborhood”
  • Only had the second home we lived at almost broken into once… progression, yay.
  • Made some new amazing friends
  • Held on tightly to the relationships of those who matter the most in my life
  • Started volunteering for the best comic book shop in PDX
    (Excalibur Comics in NE)
  •  My wife and family lost a lot of amazing loved ones in a very tragic accident in Dec. of 2015
  • Friends and family were diagnosed and continue to fight for their lives battling cancer
  • Learned that I cannot control the unknown and so for that I dove deep into cooking
  • Cooked lots of amazing and not so amazing meals for my wife and friends
  • Became the epicenter of holiday get-to-togethers, birthdays and plain ole board game nights
  • Watch history be made as a country literally tuned back the hands of time, elected a man that openly told the world to grab women by the pussies, made fun of a handicap person, urge people to riot and become violent. Worst of all, allowed a scary man that believes conversion therapy CAN heal gays to be his vice president
  • Postponed our 2017 till July of 2018 because…
  • We bought our first home in January of 2017
  • After two days of living there, found out the finished basement was a shotty cover up job and had rip out all the framing and drywall to install a sump pump around the entire interior perimeter of the house

And the list goes on. Yet, here I sit. Alive and well, writing away at the brink of the unknown. What else can you expect from the Elated Sob Story???

There’s no better time than now to start something I always meant to keep up to date with but end up failing after about two posts. Who might read this? Who cares. All I know is that I need to do something with these idle thoughts and hands. Hopefully I can heal the emotional scars that formed and even possibly help someone else in the process? I know these things should usually have a “theme,” but I’m going to just let this naturally happen.

However, for those of you that just need to know what in the hell you might be getting yourself into, I can at least say there might be a slew of photos of my amazing cat, Mr. Bailey Cakes, recipes and food I will make, photos of my environment, photos of my friends and family and plenty of Geek Culture.

Have fun and enjoy, the Elated Sob Story.

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