I’m going back to CALI

This trip back home has been the most life changing experience. Don’t get me wrong. I have had to go back home for some pretty earth shaking events but this one takes the cake and the best part is that it was completely enriching.

I have never been a huge fan of kids even though I am so great with them. I have always said that I am a very selfish person that enjoys MY time.

I always shivered and became nauseated when I thought about poopy diapers, snotty noses and spit-up. People have tried to tell me over and over how all those feelings go away when you have one of your own. That always put a funny mental picture in my head. I imagined a mother or father grabbing a shitty diaper and then taking a huge inhale at the bottom of it. And all of a sudden they find this indescribable love for their child’s feces. I now know my mental picture was purely my overactive imagination just creating a great joke for the next time I was on stage.

However, I now get it. I understand that “love for poopy diapers” isn’t literal in any way. Just that after you hold that little poopy creature you know that come poop or pee (or as you may know it, rain or shine), you’d put up with anything just to make sure he or she is well taken care of. Even if that means you have to get over your disgust of poop.

I am now back in CA and the first thing I did was check to see if any airlines were hiring so that I could get discount tickets. Because I am addicted to that little poop machine and I’d change her diapers all the way into her senior years if need be.







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