Get out of that stomach!

“Hey Mom, I won’t be coming home tonight. I want to spend as much time as I can before I no longer have her undivided attention.”

I had no idea just how much of a baby I was until I came home for this visit and was faced with the reality that my place is quickly being traded with the arrival of my sister’s first child. Her due date is actually set for today. However, she is already taking after her lackadaisical parents and is showing no tangible signs of interest to grace us with her presence. OR she is just taking after her awesome Aunt, Star, and is planning to show up fashionably late? Whatever reason she would like to go with; we are all very excited to meet her.

I’m a VERY superstitious individual and grow weary as I write about her before she arrives safely into the arms of her creators. Yet, I know that my typing about her before she is born holds no real evidence of a detrimental beginning. No matter how she comes out, cone headed or perfectly normal, this baby is already smothered with so much love it could solve world peace.

Basically, the duration of my time back home is being spent on pins and needles waiting for this lil Prima Donna to start living her life outside of a stomach. As I wait I dig and sift through old boxes from my youth. I have come across lots of old toys that couldn’t have been torn from my chubby, toddler fingers even if you were an old school, 1980’s, WWF wrestler. When I dusted off my old He-Man action figures and Cabbage Patch Dolls I realized I’m tapping into parts of my soul that has been calloused by my adulthood.

The coming of this little being reminds me that I CAN tap into my youth and thrive! WHY do some of us put away the simple things that once brought happiness into our little, non-jaded lives? Is it because someone told us we’re getting too old to play with dolls? Well, I’m VERY GLAD Jim Henson never listened to advice like that! How about all those people that were told to stop playing video games because only nerds do? Well, thank you to the creators of Nintendo, Playstation and all the others for turning a deaf ear. Not only do you allow us more ways to waste away indoors, you guys are millionaires for the simple fact of doing a job you LOVE!

I am ecstatic to see what types of things my niece is going to get interested in! I can hope that we share the same love for sharks and go on expeditions to help save these magnificent creatures, but I look forward to her developing a love for some other creature I might have viewed as insignificant. Because I want to see her beam as she tells me why it’s so important that we need to save it. I get excited to see the world through her fresh eyes. My soul gets to be restored by her innocence and nonjudgmental take on the civilization I’ve unfortunately lost faith in. I am not trying to come off as if I’m expecting this little being needs to make my life feel better. Not at all. The beauty is that she’s not even here, yet she has already succeeded!


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