…the turbulent, blue skies across the southern parts of America.

I knew that the one main advantage of having a window seat would not only be the view but also the nostalgic feelings it would bring up. Whenever my family and I would go on trips consisting of an aerial transit, I was always allowed the window seat. Call it being the baby or just being a baby about it. Whatever it was they were sweet enough to let me have it.

I remember my first time ever flying was back in 1989. I was eleven-years-old and we headed to Hawaii from GA. It was my mother, father, sister and my grandparents on my dad’s side. As the plane took off I remembered how frightened and excited I was. I couldn’t get over how everything below resembled these Matchbox Car sets my brother and I used to play with. It was in that moment I realized just how tiny we really are when we’re going about our normal every day lives while treading on the earth’s surface.

Today I felt like that eleven-year-old me completely amazed and reminded just how tiny we really are and it felt good to have it put into perspective, again. This time I got to see the ocean and how it reminded me of the way jelly looks once its spread across a piece of toast. I managed to get some great shots as we cruised through the turbulent, blue skies across the southern parts of America.

All in all, I arrived safely.


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