Sunday meal prep… done!

In the past, I didn't meal prep. I felt it was a waste of time, and I just made my meals each night. However, the 90 day program I'm on has me working out Monday through Saturday. Grant it, I'm only working out any where from 15-45 minutes. Also, I'm VERY fortunate to get to... Continue Reading →

No better time than now…

There's so much to catch up on. Let me give the condensed version... Got married (there was a ceremony in 2015 in NY and it was only for my 93 y/o grandma that might not make it to our "actual" ceremony in 2017... or 2018) Moved to Portland Enjoyed being a housewife for the two... Continue Reading →

Meet The Gaybors

I want to thank Crab Fat Literary Magazine for taking a chance on me and officially publishing my first piece of work Meet The Gaybors. This is a non-fiction piece that sheds light on an uneasy subject that affects many people from the LGBTQ community more often than people realize. Who knows, maybe you've been... Continue Reading →


It feels good to have validation in life. Whether it's from a boss that noticed your hard work, a stranger that acknowledged you let them go ahead of you or even a simple smile as you pass a stranger. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm NOT talking about the way the world has become so... Continue Reading →

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